Seen by David Ulrich



Born in 1985 in Madrid. Hache’s approach to sound is that of an analyst, but with all the chaos and distortion implied in the music creation process.

Hache started spinning records when he was 16, and decided to self learn music production with 19, and soon he was releasing his first tracks, in netlabels and digital labels. Under his old alias „VitaminH“, he released in labels such as Frosch, Suara, Suruba or Selected Records until 2010 when he moved to Berlin to study the Master of Arts „Sound Studies“ at the UdK-Berlin. That put a halt to the production partly, and opened a whole new horizon of possibilities and ways of expression: Sound art and installation, sound design, new playback technologies, programming, etc…


Right now Hache held residence in Stattbad Wedding and now is part of the Rummel platform as well as a resident in its flagship Rummels Bucht, and plays often in other Berlin locations like Sisyphos, Chalet, etc… He uses Ableton Live for his live act, which allows him a bigger complexity and dynamism while performing. His Techno sets are direct, warm and groovy, with a very clear concept behind it.